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B.A. Yale University 1984 – English, cum laude, Distinction in the Major
Columbia University 1988 - Creative Writing, Poetry
Certificate in Healing Science Training, Barbara Brennan School of Healing, 1996

Work Experience

2019 - Present
Director/Producer/Writer at Superhuman Film Productions
Working on the feature documentary
Heroic: Sabin Howard Sculpts the National WWI Memorial and the short film The Sculptor's Wife

2018 - Present Project Manager and CFO of Sabin Howard Sculpture LLC

I established Sabin Howard Sculpture LLC. I manage all aspects of Sabin Howard's sculpture business, including the sculpting of the National WWI Memorial. I oversee Human Resources, Legal, Bookkeeping, and Accounting. I run payroll, keep track of employee and independent contractor hours, manage supplies, make travel arrangements, and organize and oversee shipping. I am the point of contact for anyone interested in visiting the studio. I handle promotion and public relations, including building the website, so that the public can follow the making of the National WWI Memorial. I create videos showing the sculpting process; I am producing and writing the documentary Heroic: Sabin Howard Sculpts the National WWI Memorial. I have made a short film entitled The Sculptor's Wife: A Love Story in Documentation that is currently in festivals. I am also writing a memoir about this process.

2004 – Present
Author and Founder of Parvati Press; Art Business Partner
I have written thirteen books and founded an independent press for the publication of quality fiction and non-fiction books; Parvati Press has been recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization. I have built websites for authors, literary journals, and law firms, created and carried out internet and radio campaigns for book marketing and promotion, edited other authors, and converted print books into eBooks and audiobooks. I blogged for the
Huffington Post and I podcasted via my iTunes podcast channel. I offer consultations for independent publishing. I have started a BlogTalkRadio show called “Independent Artists & Thinkers”; this show illumines the unusual journey.
I have worked in screenwriting and story editing and my IMDB page can be seen
I have also partnered with my husband sculptor
Sabin Howard in all aspects of his sculpture business, including sales, promotion, marketing, webinar creation and support, web design, writing, and outreach to museums, clients, and news organizations.

1993 - 2003 Healer in private practice
I worked with people in physical crisis, such as those suffering from cancer, infertility and AIDS; in emotional crisis, such as those in mourning or depression; and in spiritual crisis. I wrote articles on healing and lectured to various groups, including medical students at Brown University, about the nature of healing and how complementary therapies can support traditional allopathic treatment.

1986 - 1988
Teaching Assistant, Columbia University
I taught Logic and Rhetoric, the required freshman composition course, for two years.

1985 - 1988
Computer Programmer, Rosner & Co. CPA's, 276 Fifth Ave., NY NY
I bought and installed computer programs, trained CPA's and support staff, built a billing database, and implemented general ledger and billing procedures.

Media Appearances & Publications List

PIERCING TIME & SPACE: Explorations into the Akashic Records, the Morphic Field, and the Quantum Domain, September, 2005, A.R.E. Press, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Nonfiction.
IMMORTAL, January, 2008, Bantam Publishing, New York, New York. Historical novel. Translated into Italian, French, Russian, Greek, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish.
FALLEN, August, 2011, Telemachus Press, Florida. Paranormal, dystopian romance. Translated into Spanish. First book in the award-winning After Series.
COLD LIGHT, May, 2012, Parvati Press, New York, New York. Paranormal, dystopian romance. Book 2 in the After Series.
THE BOTTICELLI AFFAIR, August, 2011, Telemachus Press, Florida. Suspense novel.
THE ART OF LIFE, November, 2012, Parvati Press, New York, New York. Art book.
DANCING IN THE TABERNACLE, October, 2011, Parvati Press, New York, New York, Poetry.
THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE, January, 2013, Parvati Press, New York, New York. Science fiction romance. Translated into Spanish.
FAR SHORE, October, 2013, Parvati Press, New York, New York. Paranormal, dystopian romance. Book 3 in the After Series.
HOW TO WRITE, PUBLISH, AND MARKET YOUR BOOK YOURSELF, INDEPENDENTLY: A manual for the courageous and persistent, December, 2013, Parvati press, New York, New York. Do-it-yourself independent publishing.
BROKEN: September 5, 2014, Parvati Press, New York, New York. Historical novel set in Nazi-occupied Paris.
BLOOD SKY: August, 2015. Paranormal, dystopian romance. Book 4 in the acclaimed After Series. IndieFab Finalist (Science Fiction, Adult Fiction) at Foreword Reviews.
THE YEAR OF LOVING: October 2016. Commercial Women's fiction.


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Traci is also a filmmaker with Superhuman Film Productions.