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HuffPo: Neurosurgeons Batting for Brain Tumor Research.

Neurosurgeons They’re an intense bunch, these gray matter operators. Also well-intentioned. Check out my article on the Huffington Post about the Neurosurgery Charity Softball Tournament. *** Last Saturday morning in Central Park, I came across a uniformed male softball team, practicing intently before a game. A grim-faced player jogged out […]

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Doctors without Borders: for Japan

I know some people who are in Tokyo and have been sending reports. They suggested that donating to Doctors without Borders would be helpful. Here’s the link: Doctors without Borders in Japan

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Bittersweet: About Karma

Earl: “Look! Shampoo that’s not tested on animals. I feel bad for those lab animals running around with dirty hair, but if it’s better for the environment, that’s the sacrifice they have to make.” Jason Lee as Earl Hickey, MY NAME IS EARL Karma is a funny thing   There […]

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