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Blood Sky

Parvati Press is pleased to announce BLOOD SKY has been recognized as a finalist in the 18th annual Foreword Reviews’ INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards.

Reviews of Blood SkyBook 4 of The After Series

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The Reading CafeExceptional

BLOOD SKY reveals the desperate situations that people will go to in a world destroyed by an apocalyptic nightmare. Like the Wild West of the American south, the After series focuses on survival against the odds-where one misstep could be your last; where control of the masses is but a thought away.
Traci L. Slatton exceptional skill at storytelling is matched by the brilliant premise and controversial ideology of a tale that warns of a potential future if mankind were driven to the brink of another war.

Sandy on The Reading Cafe

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Night Owl ReviewsWonderful Ride

This series has been a wonderful ride. Each time one comes out I eagerly grab it up and read it. There is just the right amount of real life mixed with fantasy-horror….This was a good read and intense.

HC Harju on Night Owl Reviews

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Tome Tender Book BlogBoiling Cauldron

Fraught with peril…only a strong heroine will do… Do NOT miss the trilogy that outgrew itself, the After.
Dii on TomeTender Blog

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Game VortexGood Read

I dearly love all of the characters and Traci continues to add new ones to the mix…I will admit to abject weeping when a long-time character died in this book… You'll want to pick BLOOD SKY up immediately and see what shenanigans Arthur, Emma and the rest of the core group have been doing, but be warned that you'll probably be left hungry, waiting for the next installment.
Psibabe, aka Ashley on Game Vortex

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TicToc Book ReviewsFun and Romantic

She draws you into a dystopian world of destruction and pain and yet portrays the beauty of what still stands. For among the destruction there are still the vistas to behold, the power of the sunsets and the icy bit and tingle of the frost in the air that glitters upon the damage. You often feel you are there, struggling with her group of survivors.
Leslie Wright on

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Freshly Baked BooksStart Reading it Immediately

I was so excited to continue reading about Emma, the mists, Arthur and the gang…The ending is a cliff hanger and one so huge that I was left yelling "NO!" followed by a few select obscenities. I need the next book to be here already! I don't want to wait, but here I am, waiting patiently for the next part in one of my favorite book series!
Layna on Freshly Baked Books

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Tynga's ReviewsGreat Post-Apocalyptic Series

The After Series is a really good post-apocalyptic series that explore a varieties of subjects such as survival, honor, love and science…The mists are scary to begin with since they can instantaneously turn objects, animals and humans into dust, but what’s even scarier is the fact that they’re beginning to adapt and evolve to the world…
Stéphanie Leroux on Tynga's Reviews

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Nights and WeekendsThrilling and Engaging

I also love how Ms. Slatton puts her characters in the most anguishing situations that are unique to each one—and you’ll love them enough to pray fervently that they’ll make it through. As I read, I often found myself thinking, Oh, no, she didn’t just do that to her characters, did she? Your whole heart will get involved.

Blood Sky is a thrilling and engaging addition to the After series, as the stakes are raised and the hope for an end to the mists seems to be within reach. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series, and I look forward to the next—the saga isn’t over yet!
Margaret Marr on Nights and Weekends

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No Market CollectiveKNocked the wind out of me

Blood Sky is the fourth part of The After Series.  I highly recommend that you read the first three books: Fallen, Cold Light, and Far Shore.  You will get much more out of Blood Sky if you take the time to read through the earlier portions of the story first.  Relationships are made, and broken, and sometimes repaired along the way.
Traci L. Slatton does a good job of reminding readers about the most significant things that happened in the previous books.  This is not meant as a replacement for reading them, though.  It is important that you “live through that” with the characters before jumping into the fourth book of the series.  One of the things I love about Slatton’s books is that she makes the reader truly care about what happens to the characters (both major and minor).
In Blood Sky, the reader again receives the story from the viewpoint of Emma, an incredibly strong and passionate woman. She is the one who has set out to save the day in the previous books, and she finds herself facing yet another challenge in this book.  Right away, the reader knows something is up.  In a post-apocalyptic world where strange, ever changing, mists roam around dissolving everything (and everyone) in their path – one can assume that there will always be trouble ahead.

No Market Collective

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The Portsmouth ReviewDamn You, Slatton!

Some wild events happen in this new quest including the brief stay in a seemingly vacant but clean town haunted by invisible children, a run-in with a band of hostile raiders, terrifying cairns of the dead that might act as portals for someone they would rather not meet, the heart-breaking loss of a major character, and a high-stakes poker game with servitude on one end and freedom on the other.
Is Arthur gone for good? If you’ve read the first three books, you’d know that this isn’t a possibility. Arthur has chased Emma halfway across the world. A good knock on the head isn’t going to slow him down. Another spoiler? Not really. Not if you know anything about Arthur and Emma. I was surprised that Emma would side with Susie over Arthur so quickly, but I shouldn’t have been. Slatton will toss in a mind-melting change up when you least expect it.
The story is definitely not resolved at the end of
Blood Sky and there will most certainly be a new book coming out, one that I wish I had my hands on right now. I’ve been effectively drawn back into Slatton’s world and I’m not ready to leave.
Just when I’m over the whole Emma and Haywood thing, just when I’m set on Emma and Arthur FOREVER, this happens. Damn you, Slatton!

The Portsmouth Review

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BlogcriticsWonderful Ride

If you enjoy futuristic worlds, heroes, danger and tense passionate romance you will find Slatton’s newest release, Blood Sky a great addition to your library. If you enjoy this work you will want to find the rest of the After Series to catch up on all the events.

Fallen, Cold Light, and Far ShoreThe first three books of the After Series

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