Cold LightDystopian: Book 2 of The After Series

Cold Light

The end of the world brings chaos, madness, and psychic powers.

For Emma and Arthur, separated by an ocean, it brings a love that demands everything.

Emma's beloved daughter is kidnapped by vengeful raiders, and Emma embarks on a soul-crushing journey to rescue her. When Arthur finds Emma, can she trust him? Against impossible odds, Emma draws near the rogue camp, where she also confronts the deepest choice of her heart....

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The After Series

Cold Light

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Reviews of Cold LightBook 2 of The After Series

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Paromantasy BlogHaunting, heart-Wrencing

A haunting, heart-wrenching, action-packed emotional roller coaster of a read that will leave an impression on you long after you finish the book…. There is just so much to love about this book. I became fully invested in these characters.
Evie on Paromantasy

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Night Owls ReviewsCompelling

This series continues to haunt me… Within this story, the characters have changed for the better. The tension was high throughout the story….The surprises were thrilling and sprinkled within the story adding fun to an already compelling plot...I have loved both books in this series....
HC Harju on Night Owl Reviews

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Were Vamps RomanceStunning

This is a story that will stir every parental emotion in you and then take you for a ride. Emma's daughter was taken by raiders and there is nothing she will not do to get her back. The books plot and pace was stunning with its action packed story line  and the dangers lurking around every corner.…The characters were creatively built and I love how much they were relatable.
Melissa on Were Vamps Romance

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Tome Tender Book BlogGritty and Raw

From page one I was riveted to this bleak world where hope and honor can still exist. Yes, there was evil, greed, fear, bad people taking advantage of others, but love, strength and the will to live still existed, too. The author told an amazing story, brutally well.
Beth on TomeTender Blog

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Paranormal Romance GuildCliffhanger

The story is just too absorbing, the characters are amazing and the author's description of post-apocalyptic Earth is fascinating.
Chinyere on the Paranormal Romance Guild

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Game VortexAbsolutely thrilling, Great Storytelling

Cold Light is absolutely thrilling… burned through the book in a couple of days and it left me longing for the conclusion to the story. Once again, I love the characters in Slatton’s story, as well as the intense and horrifying storyline. This is post-apocalyptic storytelling at its best. I’m a sucker for disaster movies and stories of post apocalyptic survival and I can visualize Slatton’s stories as if they are a movie in my head. That’s what great storytelling is all about.
Ashley aka Psibabe on Game Vortex

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Gimme the Scoop ReviewsLong Awaited

I have long awaited this second book, Cold Light, after the way Fallen ended. I was NOT disappointed! Emma's daughter has been kidnapped by a rogue group and she goes on a suicide mission to get her back. I was very excited to be reunited with a few of the cast from Fallen and am still in anxious need of book three now to see how this all wraps up.
Gimme the Scoop Reviews

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NIghts and WeekendsImpossible to Put Down

Out of all of the end-of-the-world tales out there, Cold Light is one of the most original…Cold Light brings us adventure, suspense, and romance all wrapped within an apocalyptic tale of survival against the strongest forces that mankind has to bear. At the center is a tortured heroine who struggles to make the right choices, making it easy for the reader to relate to her and feel deeply for her. She’s damaged but strong, and it’s easy to root for her no matter what options she chooses, whether it relates to her heart or her survival.
Traci L. Slatton is an amazing writer, and she proves it once again with Cold Light—a read that’s impossible to put down. It will draw you into a cold world that’s warmed by unforgettable characters and mankind’s desire to survive against all odds.
Margaret Marr on Nights and Weekends

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The Lost EntwifeKnuckle-whitening

Traci Slatton nails it with her follow up to Fallen….In Cold Light her life in Europe has followed her to Canada – in more ways than one.
What I appreciate about the After trilogy is how the world can be so bleak, but yet there is so much hope in the story. There’s love, and thoughtfulness, and honor in a place where those just don’t seem like they’d exist anymore.
And what I love even more is how honest Traci’s writing is. She doesn’t hesitate to do what needs to be done to move the story forward. When writing a story like Cold Light (or it’s previous book), there are hard things which need to be done to give the story credibility. You cannot write about bad people and have them not do bad things. …This is hardcore, knuckle-whitening stuff and it kept me riveted from page one.

Lydia on The Lost Entwife

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The Reading CafeDeadly Odds

COLD LIGHT is an amazing look at one person’s passion to find someone they love- Arthur’s pursuit of Emma and Emma’s hunt for Beth. …Traci takes the reader on a cold, dark and deadly trek across the snow covered fields of Alberta, but once Emma reaches a survival Outpost, the interaction of the characters quickly uncovers a series of plot twists and anxiety ridden re-introductions to the colorful characters from the series first book.
Arthur’s reunion with Emma is heart-wrenching and painful knowing he has travelled thousands of mile and 18 months to find the only woman he will ever love. …The character development continues as each of Arthur’s family members seeks to find a place to where they belong. And survival 101 after an apocalyptic nightmare can also mean finding someone to love for all of the right and wrong reasons.
Sandy on The Reading Cafe

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L.V. LewisAction Packed

If you’d read Fallen, there is no way you can forgo Cold Light. I read this immediately after reading Fallen, but am just now getting to review. However, don’t let that lead you to believe that this book isn’t as stellar as the first. In fact, this book is more action-packed and the stakes have gone even higher than Emma and her family just avoiding the mists that can consume them. This is a do-or-die, life-and-death story that leaves you guessing at every turn–How is Emma going to get out of these newest pickles? Read Cold Light and find out.
This is a dystopian romance for the mature set, (Hunger Games and/or Divergent on steroids). Don’t ignore this wonderful series.
I give Cold Light Five out of Five Stars!

L.V. Lewis

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The Best ReviewsFierce Intensity

Cold Light continues with scenes of adventure, treachery, brutality, and passion for these feisty characters who love and live with such fierce intensity that actually seeps into the reader while reading…The dangers of science remain a powerful undercurrent of this futuristic story that could turn into reality by those who fail to recognize the lurking threat in their experimentation. Again, nicely done, Traci Slatton!
Viviane on The Best Reviews

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Gothic Moms Book ReviewsExceptional

A good book is sometimes hard to find, and a good series is even harder.  When I finished reading Fallen, I was amazed at how much I liked it, so much so that it is listed as one of the Books You Got To Have here on my blog.  Now, Cold Light; the second installment in Slatton's After Trilogy, will be added to that very same list.

Slatton's ability to weave a tale that is filled with adventure, loss and love is unmatched.  Her writing makes it so easy for you to fall in love with the characters so much so that you find yourself riding a roller-coaster of emotions.  One minute you are mad, then your lips curl into a smile, and sometimes you cannot help but reach for a tissue.
Annette on Gothic Mom’s Book Reviews

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My Book Addiction ReviewsHeat Rating: Hot

It is still an excellent story that I wouldn’t hesitate to re-read in the future…Ms. Slatton did an excellent job creating believable characters and situations based in a hard to imagine post-apocalyptic world.  It still impresses me that she can write these characters... Yes, there are the cynical characters that are only out for themselves, but she makes it easier to believe that if our world goes to hell in a hand basket one day, all hope may not be lost on humankind.

Daysie on My Book Addiction Reviews

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Seatle PIAll the heat and heart that keep you warm

Slatton has given us another stellar example of life after the fall...Slatton brings in all the heat and heart that keep you warm, even as danger and darkness descend.
This is a wonderful second part to her series, keeping you looking and hoping for more. There is such difficulty due to her depiction of the main male characters; you root for them both to be the final winner of her love. This is a difficult task, yet she does it with aplomb.
If you enjoy end of the world novels full of adventure and romance, this will be the work for you. The characters are likable and the story holds both romance and loss. Slatton has found the key to lock the two together.
Leslie Wright on the Seattle PI

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Books Complete Me UnlimitedAmazing

COLD LIGHT leaves us with another heart-wrenching, cliffhanger ending.  I cannot WAIT for the last book.  I must know what happens.  I NEED to know.  Grrrr.
If you haven't started reading FALLEN yet, do it NOW.  Then read COLD LIGHT.  I believe you will be as spellbound as I am by these marvelous reads.
Books Complete Me Unlimited

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Between Dreams and RealityExciting

This series is really a great discovery for me. I fell in love with the first book and when I had the opportunity to read the second and third book in this trilogy, I admit that I did not hesitate. And I just loved this new story. We can also discover a lot of revelations in the novel. Some nice surprises and I took a great pleasure in discovering everything. We also meet a lot of characters that we did not know and all are very intriguing. The plot itself is well done, we follow Emma in her mission to find her daughter, and this is really fraught with obstacles of all kinds.

Melliane on Between Dreams and Reality

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The Book WhispererFeeling and Emotion

This world of vicious destruction continues here, and it did not appear to give any finality to its end.
Jackie on The Book Whisperer

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I’d so rather be reading

Found myself tormented

I love the world Slatton has created.  The premise of the mists is so unique and very well-done.  I loved the characterization in Fallen and Cold Light does not disappoint there…I love Slatton's voice and look forward to reading more from her in the future!
Kelli on I’d So Rather Be Reading

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Seacoast Online

Unexpected twists and turns

The end of COLD LIGHT leaves the reader with hope and despair at the same time. Hope for humanity, despair for our protagonists.  It is a perfectly crafted middle book that will leave you hanging, wondering what book three will bring.
Rebecca Skane on Seacoast Online

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Jen’s Corner Spot


The way Traci L. Slatton has created the After world is amazingly real to a reader. I can picture it easily in my mind without even trying too hard….I cannot wait to read the next part of the story…
Jen on Jen’s Corner Spot

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No Market Collective

Constant Danger

One of the things I love about this book is that Emma plays the role of the “hero”. She is the one who determinedly ventures off to rescue her daughter. Emma is strong, physically and emotionally, aware of the risks she is taking, but unafraid to take them.
Jen at NoMarket Collective

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Genre Go Round Reviews

Superb dystopian tale

The second exciting “After” post-apocalyptic thriller moves forward on two fronts: Emma’s relationships and the anticipated suicidal Armageddon Mists war as Traci L. Slatton deftly blends both subplots into a superb dystopian tale through her quality cast.
Genre Go Round Reviews

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Lunar Haven Reviews


Cold Light is such a thrilling, romantic, action packed book…But holy wow, do I ever love this book! I thought Fallen was great, but wait till you read Cold Light! It's going to blow you away with all of the action and the sweet love triangle between Arthur, Emma and Haywood.
Layna on Lunar Haven Reviews

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Crystal Book Reviews

Great read

Traci Slatton’s series is a notable work of science fiction and/or paranormal fiction that will intrigue and thrill readers who love this genre.  How these characters surmount the numerous threats plaguing them on a daily basis makes for a great read!
Viviane on Crystal Book Reviews

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TicToc Book Reviews

The Yearning Continues

Slatton has given us another stellar example of life after the fall. Emma is brave and bold, and attracts people due to both her personality as well as her power. Yet she must be careful, she does not want to be known as a witch. The characters that begin to surround her are gregarious and mysterious. When she runs into her old nemesis and love Arthur, tension only gets stronger. Slatton brings in all the heat and heart that keep you warm, even as danger and darkness descend.
Leslie Wright on

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Tension Gets Stronger

This is a wonderful second part to her series, keeping you looking and hoping for more. There is such difficulty due to her depiction of the main male characters; you root for them both to be the final winner of her love. This is a difficult task, yet she does it with aplomb.
If you enjoy end of the world novels full of adventure and romance, this will be the work for you. The characters are likable and the story holds both romance and loss. Slatton has found the key to lock the two together.

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Taking Time for Mommy

Extremely Excited

This was another excellent book by Traci L. Slatton and I didn’t put it down until I was finished. Luckily I had book 3 waiting on me. If you like dystopian this is one of the best I’ve ever read.

Taking Time for Mommy

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